At East Neck, you can enjoy the best of everything. We offer private, spacious, newly renovated rooms, a coffee house, a bus stop right outside your door, and gorgeous grounds to enjoy. You will feel right at home. And, with comprehensive, state-of-the-art short-term, sub-acute, and long-term rehabilitation and nursing services, all delivered by a high-level team in a completely redesigned rehabilitation center, we are redefining the rehabilitation experience. We think you will enjoy getting well with us.

We believe that rehabilitation is a journey toward wellness – mind, body, and spirit. To that end, we have developed programs designed to optimize your health on every level, and deliver them in an environment that will both inspire and motivate you. We are dedicated to helping you rediscover your independence, so that you can enjoy the people and activities that make you feel most alive.

With innovative treatment plans and cutting-edge technology, we provide you with the best – because we believe you deserve it. We have an extraordinary team of physicians, therapists, specialists, nurses, and staff who work collaboratively to develop a highly customized program to restore your independence, renew your spirit, and rehabilitate your body.